How Much Did you Really Make from that Thrift Store, Library Sale, or other Source?

SourceProfit Allows your to Track your Exact Profits from each Source


How Source Profit Works

1)  Just code your SKU number from each place that you buy products.  For example, let's say you purchased 30 books from a Goodwill store on September 20th.  When you list your items on Amazon, you might want to code your SKU numbers like this:


2)  Document any expenses such as cost of goods and shipping costs to Amazon.

3)  Let's say that a couple months later; you want to know your exact profit from that trip to the Goodwill.  Just enter "Goodwill9/20/14" into SourceProfit....and you will get your exact profit from that trip.



    • SourceProfit only works for Amazon Sellers (FBA or Merchant Fulfilled)
    • A Professional Amazon Seller Account is Required. Formerly called Pro-Merchant
    • SoureProfit only works on Windows. Not available for Mac.
    • SourceProfit is currently only available for Amazon US customers.

    $9.95 Per Month

    $67 One-Time Fee

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